Margaret Lindon

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︎︎︎    I Don’t Quite Remember it That Way 

︎︎︎    Carbon road bike

︎︎︎    Memory Mountain 

︎︎︎    Loren’s Room 

︎︎︎    Head Space 

︎︎︎    One Hit Wonder Machine 

︎︎︎    ML World 


︎︎︎    Allstate

︎︎︎    Trivago

︎︎︎    Lincoln

︎︎︎    Ericsson

︎︎︎    The Atlantic

︎︎︎    VMware

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On Call (2020)

[ Written & produced for Ericsson ]

Food. Shelter. Medicine. These are the things that immediately spring to mind when we think about emergency response. But to get supplies where they’re needed, humanitarian workers, governments, and survivors need something else: Connectivity. That's where Ericsson Response comes in.


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